A marketing and strategy simulation built for the professor who wants to stay relevant, make an impact and teach every student the skills they need to thrive in real-world situations.

Schools using SABRE

We all have that one professor that we remember above all others, the one with the tough class that raised the bar but was unmissable, the one that taught us the lessons that have stayed with us to this day.

Our goal with SABRE is to make sure that is you.

Build a simulation that works for you

In SABRE we give you control - start your teams the way you want, choose the number of marketplaces to compete in, decide the attributes that matter, place your segments where you want them to be. We designed SABRE to truly be your simulation, built the way you want.

Focus on what matters most

Spend less time teaching the mechanics of the simulation and more time working with your students on strategy. There are no tricks in SABRE, no games - from naming R&D projects to launching products, everything in the simulation is designed to make the mechanics of running it as simple as possible. You focus on the teaching. We’ll focus on building you the most effective, relevant and intuitive simulation possible.

Take your students further

SABRE is designed to enable you to teach strategy on a granular level. We don't use an ideal point model - we focus on customers. Market segments in SABRE are formed of individual customers, allowing your students to deepen their understanding and create sub-segmentation strategies.

Join a global community

When you teach SABRE, you enter a global community of professors. See what they’re teaching, access syllabi and course notes. We’re proud to enable a community of the worlds strongest marketing professors, all dedicated to teaching excellence and each willing to share to make each other better.

David Reibstein and Cam Tipping discuss
using SABRE in the classroom