We have a strong affinity for marketing strategy and strategic planning, and all of us are excited about 2020. There’s just something special about a blank slate (even if it’s an arbitrary date on a calendar) for resolutions…

2019 was a busy year for the SABRE Business Simulation. Here some the highlights:

  • SABRE International: We officially launched SABRE International for International Marketing and International Business Strategy classes.
  • SABRE Exam: For the first time ever, a version of SABRE was used as the final exam on the Wharton MBA and EMBA programs. 
  • SABRE Practice: The SABRE Online Practice Game is launching soon, enabling students to do a practice decision before starting your class. 
  • SABRE Sustainable: SABRE 3P (People, Profit, Planet) will officially launch early this year, combining business strategy with profit, environmental and social responsibility goals. 

With all these changes our focus remains on making your class the very best marketing strategy program, and a class that students continue to talk about long after it’s completed. To this end, we wanted to take a moment to set our resolutions for the start of this new decade. In 2020, we resolve to…

1. Stay in touch – we’re committing to supporting you. We resolve in 2020 to reach out during and after each SABRE sim is completed, asking how we can improve the experience for your class.

2. Create powerful, purposeful teaching material – Professors keep telling us that SABRE is an incredibly powerful teaching tool because of how realistic the market dynamics are. However, the learning curve for SABRE is tough. To this end, we resolve to spend time in 2020 creating new introduction slides, upgrading the Professor’s guide and Student Help Videos, and adding an online practice game so that students can experience the simulation before class.

3. Enable a seamless on-boarding experience – deciding to incorporate SABRE into your class, changing simulation files or tweaking your course curriculum can create moments of uncertainty. In 2020 we’ve resolved to supporting you and ensuring your SABRE experience is as good as the students.

4. Create a Professor Community Resource Forum – finding new ideas to incorporate into your class can be tough.  In 2020 we resolve to create a place where Professors can share ideas, see class syllabi used by others, and view videos of Cam and other SABRE Professors teaching the simulation to executives and business students.

If there is anything we can do to support you in 2020, as always, please do not hesitate to ask.

Our warmest wishes for a successful year,

Cam, Ian, Tess, Carolyn, Kirsty, Fuxin and all the SABRE Team