About Us

Fundamentally, our goal is to help you create impact in your classroom and your students' education.

A good course can get you there. A simulation will get you there faster.
Together, we accelerate your impact.

Our Mission

We build simulations that help professors teach strategy,
so they can develop a generation of world leaders who
positively impact the world around them.


IIBD is the creator of the SABRE Simulation. We have spent 30 years building proprietary simulations and strategy tools to accelerate the process from education to execution so that students who complete one of our simulations are prepared graduate into the commercial world as polished practitioners, equipped with the skills they need to respond to real market opportunities.

Everything we create is designed to develop strategic leaders - leaders who make smarter decisions, create stronger impact and lead sharper teams. Everything we do is designed to enable leaders to confidently develop and execute a strategy, making a positive impact on their organisation.

Our only goal is to give you the simulation you need to teach strategy and make an impact in the classroom. There is no other simulation creator in the world that comes to the table with a combination of teaching philosophy and the execution mentality of IIBD. Together, we can help you drive impact, engage students and teach a new generation of responsible, ambitious business leaders.