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A long standing quote in the Pharma industry is that blockbuster drugs are not discovered, they’re made. Pharmaceuticals have one chance to launch their products successfully – mistakes are not an option. 

In this paper, John C. Yi and Eddie Rhee discuss the pitfalls of using deciling as a strategy for pharmaceutical launches. Instead, they highlight the importance of targeting using other data points. 

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A length exploration of pharmaceutical product launch excellence by QuintilesIMS. 

The paper presents evidence to support a number of conclusions, namely that the first six months has a disproportionate influence on later success for at least 80% of launches in any country. 

This paper is the culmination of a decade worth of research on product launches – it is well worth the read. 

Marketing in the pharmaceutical industry is a landscape of regulatory barriers and litigious risk. 

In this paper, the authors discuss methods of data analytics that can inform marketing strategy for physicians, including effectiveness of peer-to-peer events as a marketing channel for prescription drug launches.