T’was the night before Christmas, and this year, Santa needed a strategy.

This month’s is a little Christmas Story Cam created to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. Here’s to a better 2021! A Covid Christmas Twas the night before Christmas, Santa at the North PoleScratching his white beard, staring hard at the snowWith Covid on the loose would Christmas still be on?Or would children all wonder […]

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Dear Stephen…

Volume 20 Newsletter 9 Dear Stephen Thanks for sharing the strategic plan presentation.  Here are my initial impressions and some early suggestions. Focus on outcomes.  The presentation tells me a lot about what you do, but after reading it I’m really struggling to find out what you’re going to do for me?   (Not me, but […]

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HBO Sopranos

Volume 20 Newsletter 5 We’re all watching TV these days and it has become a major battle for your eye balls.  Networks like HBO, Disney, Crave, Netflix (‘Net fix’ in our household) Amazon, Hulu and others are trying to outdo the other in creative content.  But where did this craze all start? Television in the […]

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Packer Sweep

Are the resources of your business aligned with the opportunities in this ‘new’ market?  In times of crisis you have to go back to the basics.  Find a simple path forward and follow it. Coach Vince Lombardi exemplified this strategy when he took over the Green Bay Packers football team on February 2, 1959.  At […]

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Finding Hope

Back in the early 1980’s I started my consulting career teaching small business finance.  Ronald Reagan was president, interest rates soared to over 20% and unemployment was approaching 35% in the small city in which I was living.   Two men who owned an appliance store signed up for my course.   Both had worked at the […]

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