BCIT Runs Annual SABRE Competition

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The British Columbia Institute of Technology ran a SABRE Simulation competition at their annual Marketing Association conference in January, 2020.

As the SABRE Competition started, the conference went from the standard conference mode of ‘passive’, in which participants absorb content, to a heated and highly engaged competitive environment, with 6 student teams vying for first place.

Thanks so much for sponsoring the use of your simulator for the BCITMA Annual Conference. We had Six teams compete, and saw a variety of different strategies implemented that came down to only a $2 million net difference between 1st and 3rd. Both Armarn and I had a great time helping, and we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from all the contestants. 

BCIT MA Conference Organizers

Simulation: SABRE Solo

SABRE Solo is a slightly simplified version of the full SABRE Simulation that enables quick, sharp decision rounds. All teams start from exactly the same position and product portfolio, ensuring a fair standing start.

SABRE Solo is economical with time – a fair competition can be run in only 3 short decision rounds. It’s cost effective for students, and provides a short, sharp, highly engaging simulation experience that brings a sim into the classroom without it needing to dominate the course.

Teaching Ideas Using SABRE Solo

  • Conference competitions – bring life to your conference, as BCIT has done here.
  • Final course assessment – make the final assessment a competitive experience that ties together the principles covered over the semester.
  • Short, introductory team building exercise – gel student teams by starting your course with a shared experience.
  • Introducing time pressure – bringing an element of rapid decision making under the pressure of limited time and information overload, a critical lesson for business students.
  • Best of 3 – SABRE Solo can be played out over only 3 decision rounds, giving your students a responsive experience in which they can compete against other teams for the best of the three rounds.

Are you interested in engaging your students? Looking for a way to tie together and bring to life the principles you teach? Ask us about SABRE Solo. Send us an email.

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