T’was the night before Christmas, and this year, Santa needed a strategy.

This month’s is a little Christmas Story Cam created to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season.

Here’s to a better 2021!

A Covid Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, Santa at the North Pole
Scratching his white beard, staring hard at the snow
With Covid on the loose would Christmas still be on?
Or would children all wonder where Santa’s sleigh had gone?
Should he postpone Christmas? Maybe that was the way,
Til this Covid business was over, postpone, to a much brighter day?

He considered all options and a thought did appear
He and his reindeer’d wear masks, they’d get the very best gear.
His eyes brightened,  his mind darted, ideas keeping apace,
What kinda mask would suit…. the whole human race?

He analyzed the market and determined indeed
There was a dazzlingly, obvious customer need.
But how to design a mask that everyone would wear?
He and his elves wondered,  “How can we make everyone care”?

Suddenly, the fog cleared; he thought, ‘Don’t be a fool’
You build toys for the receiver – that’s Santa’s Golden Rule
He thought of boys and girls, of both the young and old
He’d make them light weight for the hot,  with thick lining for the cold

So many different masks his elven team could make
He thought of all those doubters,  he pondered, what would it take?
He tugged his beard, he rubbed his belly, and munched Mrs Clause’s cookies
Bit by bit the plan was planned ….. he’d sorted all the goodies

His strategy was soundly built , his whole dream put in motion
To get them all through to next year, and get rid of this Covid commotion
They cut and stitched and elasticated until they buried Santa’s sleigh
It really was a lot of masks ….who’s counting anyway

Reindeer prancing, elves adancing,  sleigh loaded and ready to ride
His mission for this season,… people’s faces he would hide
He’d circle the globe not missing a place and through the heat and the snow
Santa would deliver all the masks with his trademark, Ho Ho Ho

He thought even grown ups liked his design and would love to wear them a lot
He’d start a brand new fashion trend, at least so  he’d thought
But when he listened closely, this is what Santa could hear,
“I’ll wear this red one’, “I’ll have a white one”, but please Santa… no Covid for next year.”

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