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"In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test….. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson” – Tom Bodett

Our SABRE Simulation creates an environment for Undergraduates, MBA and EMBA students to take the test then learn the lesson, without the expensive implications of being tested in real-life situations. No games. No shortcuts.

Teach alongside the best

“SABRE is taken by all of our Exec MBAs and about 900 undergraduate students per year.

SABRE is ranked the number one course on our Executive MBA program. On the regular MBA program my SABRE class this year is oversubscribed by over 200%, meaning we have 100 register and 250 students on a waiting list for a class that students need to return a week early from Christmas break to take.

We’ve added two more classes after Easter and in total we’ll see approx. 500 students go through SABRE this year. SABRE is the number one ranked course in the Wharton MBA program.

I know 100% of all our undergrads go through a different version of SABRE under professor Keith Niedermeier. I can’t tell you how SABRE ranks in the undergrad program because

I don’t teach there but I know it’s the talk of the school when its running and I know Keith is extremely happy with it.

We’ve been running SABRE here since 2004. We brought the SABRE folks into Wharton because these guys were the only team who could work with us to build us the simulation that we needed. Most of the simulation was there from the beginning but they took our wishes... added the features we asked for and made them reality. Its been a sincere pleasure working with both Cam and Ian and the SABRE team!”

Taken from an introduction of SABRE by professor Dave Reibstein to the Wharton Learning Labs

SABRE Simulation


Full Semester: up to 9 simulated years (decision rounds)
Part Semester: a minimum of 3 simulated years (decision rounds)

Team Size

4-6 students per team recommended

Simulation Size

4-7 teams per simulation market

Topics Covered

Strategic Management, Strategic Marketing, R&D Development, Product Launch Strategy, Marketing Tactics (4 P's), Segmentation, Positioning, Triple Bottom Line, Product Portfolio Management (BCG Mapping), Conjoint Analysis, Strategy Development & Execution, Healthcare Management, Sales Force Management


SABRE Classic, SABRE Solo (single player against the computer), SABRE 3P, SABRE Sales Force, SABRE Sales Force Manager, SABRE StHEALTH (Strategic Healthcare)


English, Chinese (Mandarin)


Any modern web browser

Market Studies Available in SABRE

Market awareness
Purchase intent by segment
Market share by segment
Purchase intentions by channel
Sales force effectiveness by channel
Market share by channel
Segment purchase habits by channel
Segment media preferences
Market forecast
Conjoint analysis
Sales force experiment
Advertising experiment
Competitive advertising estimates
Competitive sales force estimates
Product attribute perceptions
Attribute importance by segment
Perceptual Map
Attribute importance by segment
Perceptual Map

The Full SABRE Simulation Suite

We have developed a suite of SABRE simulation variations designed to help you focus on teaching. We also work with profs to build custom versions of SABRE designed around specific courses and case studies.

Contact us to discuss building a custom version of SABRE for your students.



simulation exam



Sales Force Manager Program

Sales Force & Key Account Manager

StHEALTH Strategic Healthcare

business simulation for online


Would you like a demonstration of SABRE?

SABRE Solo is a format of the SABRE Simulation that has been specifically adapted to work as an exam. 

Students are tasked with the management of a company, competing within the virtual SABRE market for market share and profit. Each student or team competes in their own SABRE Solo simulation against pre-determined, automated competitors set by the SABRE simulation, enabling an objective, fair comparison in performance between students or teams. 

A variation of the SABRE Simulation, owned and developed by the International Institute for Business Development (IIBD), was this year adopted as the final exam for the Marketing Strategy class in Wharton Business School’s world #1 ranked MBA program. 


IIBD developed an exam format in SABRE Solo to replicate real market conditions and objectively assess students’ applied learnings in a simulated environment. SABRE Solo gives students the opportunity to demonstrate subject matter expertise, applying lessons learned and demonstrating strategic skills to solve a complex marketing problem. 

"A Fair Test"

Professor Dave Reibstein reflects on the
2019 EMBA SABRE exam at
Wharton Business School

Often, in my class, I had students who said at the end of the simulation, “if I only knew in Periods 1, 3 and 3, what I now know, I would have performed much better.” My response is that the course is not intended to teach them how to play SABRE, but rather to prepare them for the next decisions they have to make after SABRE. That said, I thought this year I would test if what they were saying was really true. I gave them as a final exam, one more SABRE decision, but this time made individually and not as part of a team. It was the same decision for each student, made in the practice simulation. This was a way to determine if they actually had learned and for them to demonstrate that when they were all on equal footing with other students. 

I am convinced this is a fair test.”