Getting started

To begin using SABRE as a participant, you will need a Team Code so that you will be able to register as part of a team. Each team gets one code to share, and each team member should use it to register with their own name and email address. Do not share your team code outside your team.


Once you have your Team Code, please go to the main login page and, if needed, watch this video about the registration process.

Further help, including more videos, are available in the Help tab once you have logged in to SABRE.


Once you have made all your decisions, there is a “Save” button on the decisions page which you must use to save your decisions. Until you complete this save action nothing is saved on the server. Each time you save your decisions, the date, time, your email address, and a comment is saved along with it.

All of your team’s decisions for a period are pooled in one list of “Decision Sets”. When the simulation is run the last saved Decision Set is used. It is your job as a team to ensure that the last saved set of decision is the one you want to use.

To avoid building an excessively large list of saved decision sets, we recommend saving once you have entered all your decisions, or when you must stop working for any significant length of time (e.g. more than 15 minutes).

When you first go to the Decisions section, SABRE will load the most recently saved set of decisions, saved by anyone on your team, from the server.

Either the decisions deadline has passed, or you are not yet permitted access.

There is a limit the the number of products you may have in your portfolio. Typically it is five, but may be up to 10. Once you have reached the limit you can’t add a new product until you Discontinue one, or you delete a product that is planned as ‘New” this period.

Often the R&D feature is turned off in the first period to make the first decision easier, and to allow trends to become evident before doing R&D.

SABRE supports all modern mainstream browsers (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, IE) and is designed for tablet, laptop and desktop screens. SABRE will adapt to smaller mobile screens but they are not recommended.