Getting started

To begin using SABRE as a participant, you first need a Team Code so that you will be able to register as part of a team.

Each team gets one code to share, and each team member should use it to register with their own name and email address. Do not share your team code outside of your team.

Please review your Pre-Reading document which sets the business context, and also be familiar with the contents of the Student Guide which can serve as a reference document once you are working within SABRE.

Further help, including more videos, are available in the Help tab once you have logged in to SABRE.


When you receive your Team Code, check the links provided with it. In most cases you will go to this registration page.

After you have registered and created a password, you will use those credentials (not the team code) to log in next time.

This video walks through the registration process in detail:

Billing Inquiries

If you have any concerns about billing or a credit card transaction, please do not open a PayPal dispute. Just email us at and we will resolve it with you.

Technical Help

Course participants: please first contact your instructor with questions about understanding the results or making decisions.

If you have technical problems with using the site, please email us at with specific details and, ideally, a screenshot.

Common Questions

Q: My team code was not accepted. Why?

A: You may be at the wrong SABRE site. Please double check your sign up instructions.

Q: Parts of the SABRE screens are missing. Why?

A: You are using a overly aggressive ad blocker, and it blindly blocks anything with the “a” word. Turn off the ad blocker and reload the page. SABRE does not contain any ads.